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​Case 3: United Kingdom

North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor is defined as rail infrastructure between Manchester and London (case 3) is constantly at significant risk of floods and embankment failures, and it is the busiest train line in the UK. NR (NETWORK RAIL), partner of the project, will be the user carrying-out the Case 3. NR maintains 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and viaducts and thousands of tunnels. The UK is the third European country with the highest number of passengers-kilometres, 64.7 billion pkm in 2014. The Case 3, corresponding to the North Sea – Mediterranean corridor, will be carried-out in the London-Manchester rail network including 337.3 railway km, 1,235 bridges, 13 tunnels, 846 retaining walls and 28 stations.

Dr. Belén Riveiro
University of Vigo
School of Industrial Engineering, Universidade de Vigo
CP36310, Vigo, Spain
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