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Insitu Engineering is a technology-based company founded in 2008 following an entrepreneurship spin-off of the Research Group in Applied Geotechnologies, a Group of tenured professors specialized in Geomatics from the University of Vigo. It has a multidisciplinary highly qualified team that allows the company to realize different projects, highlighting the use of innovative data capture technology. 

Our services are based on laser scanner technology, UAVs, Georadar and GIS, as well as software developments regarding to the services offered. We count on a TIC department, in charge of the optimization of internal process for the commercial software development. Our main development up to now has been MSManager software, an holistic solution for the management of infrastructures assets, with integration of cartography, panoramic image, 3d point clouds and the potentiality of using an Android App too. 

INSITU is a reference company in Spain within the engineering sector as one of the first companies to apply novel non-destructive mobile technologies in the field of infrastructure conservation. With the non-existence of software in the market capable of handling the enormous amounts of data generated by these methodologies, the company formed a competitive software development team that implements pioneering algorithms in the treatment of this type of data. The project SAFEWAY will provide sufficient knowledge to detect those shortcomings or improvements in which further work is needed as well as several final solutions that can be exploited by INSITU customers.

Leading the WP7, INSITU will have access to structures provided by other members of the consortium, which will help to improve its infrastructure management software and the current use they make of existing standards. In turn, this will allow the management software to provide a module that supports the most complete and comprehensive decision-making, based on relevant aspects regardless of the country in question.

The knowledge acquired in this project will allow INSITU also to develop the products necessary to include its engineering services in major international projects: new regulations, new methodologies, new design, construction and maintenance procedures for infrastructures, etc.


Mr Carlos Martínez Bertr​and (Male) is the CEO of Ingeniería INSITU with over 24 years of experience in directing, planning, organizing and implementing company strategies and continuous improvement of internal procedures he has been responsible for the identification, preparation and supervision of the execution of a large number of research projects in the functions of Deputy Director of Innovation (53 national projects and 6 European projects). Furthermore, he has ensured compliance with legal requirements in these ​matters and their continuous adaptation to new standards, set objectives and provided the necessary resources for their implementation and implemented management systems at the international level.​

Dr María Varela González (Female) is the head of the ICT department of Ingeniería INSITU. She has an degree in Computer Science, a MSc in environmental technologies and a PhD degree in geotechnology applied to construction, energy and industry. With more than 8 years of experience, she has leaded the technical part of various research projects and published articles in prestigious international journals and international conferences. Her is specialised in Information Technology applied to development of software for 3D Geographic Information System management in the field of road and railway infrastructures. She has a software patent and has developed numerous tools to improve workflows from high-density data processing.

MSc David Roca Bernárdez (Male) is the head of the R&D Department in INSITU, where he works since 2014. Officially certified as UAV Pilot, he received his MEng in Thermal Engineering in 2013, and his Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2012, both from the University of Vigo. He is specialized in the integration of sensors in mobile platforms, wheeled and aerial, as well as in data synchronization and data georeferenced. His current research topics are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), positioning sensors (IMUs, GNSS) and LiDAR sensor for acquisition of geometric data, which he has developed through his successful participation in many research and transfer projects.​


Dr. Belén Riveiro
University of Vigo
School of Industrial Engineering, Universidade de Vigo
CP36310, Vigo, Spain
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