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DEMO Consultants is an independent consultancy (SME) dealing with strategic management, technical advice and software modelling for the real estate sector. DEMO Consultants creates innovative software products offering tools for investment appraisal, portfolio management, strategic decision making and maintenance planning. DEMO works for research institutions and government agencies. DEMO personnel consist of building engineers, real estate managers, building economists, and software developers. DEMO Consultants participates in national and international R&D-projects, working in close collaboration with its customers and selected associated companies and individual researchers. Much research focuses on sustainable development, energy conservation and the combination of technology with socio-economic factors.


Andre van Delft (Male), Degree: MSc. (1970) is the CEO of DEMO Consultants. He holds a BSc in building engineering and an MSc in Real Estate Management (TU Delft, Netherlands). He is an experienced software developer and specialist in developing computer models for the real estate industry with the focus on information management and risk analysis. He has designed and developed software applications for ministries, municipalities, housing corporations, institutional investors and research institutions and participated in several European research projects.​

Maurijn Neumann (Male, 1987) continued his internship at DEMO Consultants with a job as junior software developer. After a bachelor Electrical Engineering he studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology, specialising in high-performance computing and web data. He applies his broad knowledge in the field of software development and embedded systems at DEMO by focusing on the further development of the RE Suite in .Net and in Xamarin for the apps. His structured and targeted approach to software testing and bugfixing is also of great value to DEMO. Maurijn uses his creativity and analytical skills for the development of RE Suite, both directly for RE Suite users and also applied to EU research projects such as INSITER​​ and SAFEWAY.​



Dr. Belén Riveiro
University of Vigo
School of Industrial Engineering, Universidade de Vigo
CP36310, Vigo, Spain
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