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D4.2 - Report on lessons from sociotechnical systems analysis and practical recommendations for IMS information content

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SAFEWAY aims to develop and demonstrate technology that will support the decisions of infrastructure managers as they prevent, prepare for and react to natural and man-made extreme events. WP4 focuses on technology for evacuation management., such as how crowdsourcing, mode-based route planning and smartphone technology can be used to help plan and execute evacuations, and promote situational awareness among evacuation managers and transport users. The current delivery, D4.2, addresses previous research showing that attempts to implement such technology are likely to fail unless developers consider how it will be used and experienced by people in real evacuations, and interact in unexpected ways with components of the existing sociotechnical ecosystem. To inform developers about the nature of these challenges, and to learn about social aspects to be accounted for on implementing technology in evacuation systems, we have conducted a sociotechnical analyses of three relevant cases: (i) a container terminal closure scenario, (ii) a regional flood affecting the road network, and (iii) a road tunnel fire.

Dr. Belén Riveiro
University of Vigo
School of Industrial Engineering, Universidade de Vigo
CP36310, Vigo, Spain
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